Our Story

The Nomads is a contemporary and experiential Central Asian fusion omakase-dining concept.

Pioneering an eclectic cuisine in Singapore, drawing strong culinary influences from China, India, Central Asia & Southern Europe blossomed with South-east Asian flavours. A familiar reimagination of The Silk Road’s gastronomic trail, masterfully prepared on a blazing custom-built grill pit.

Embark with us on an unforgettable gastronomic journey, with every moment meticulously crafted to fire up and delight all five senses. We are not re-defining the art of good eating; but rather, welcoming a new cuisine in Singapore and playfully challenging conventional omakase dining in a celebratory fashion.

Enter into the unexpected as a guest, and depart at journey’s end as a kin.

Be part of our social campfire, this one’s for the road.