Our Chef has tastefully given this dish a local twist, by pairing tender Wagyu beef with a broth steeped in Bak Kut Teh spices.


Find a robust broth, tender wagyu cheek, soft shallot pickled with mountain tea, and crisp potato sheets. Crisp potato sheets replace the dough and soften in the broth when the latter is poured in. This traditional Kazakh dish at the Nomads will transform your idea of the taste, smell and texture, present in a hearty meal.

Beshbarmak is a traditional meat dish of all Turkic-speaking peoples. It is the most popular dish of every table, whether it is on the occasion of family celebrations or the reception of dear guests.


The word “beshbarmak” (formed from “besh” and “barmak”) translates to “five fingers” from the Kazakh and Kyrgyz languages. Traditional Nomadic tribes enjoyed this dish with their hands, thus giving it the name. The classic version of Beshbarmak is usually made with several meats (horse, lamb, beef, and/or camel) and rectangle-shaped Pasta.