Our Medovik is highlighted with sour cream ganache (white chocolate and sour cream), soft honey sponge, aromatic rose crystals, candied orange zests and fruits of the season. 


Take on the opportunity to try out the unique sweet treat that will melt in your mouth and embrace you in flavours of blossoming spring.

Medovik is a honey cake that took its roots from Russian cuisine. The best medovik has soft thin sponge layers with rich honey cream in between. The taste heavily depends on the quality of caramelised honey. If you are visiting Russia, you will find Medovik on the menu of any cafe and restaurant, as well as at every confectionary stand on the streets.


Every babushka (grandmother) has her own special recipe for medovik to treat her children and grandchildren, as this cake represents the “made with love” notion that they want to express to their little close ones. Medovik beautifully marries the sweet fluffy caramel-y feeling with the refreshing tanginess of sour cream.