The Nomads Nan is made following a family recipe of the Founders, letting bread rise through fermentation technique. We have recently adapted the recipe to cater to a Vegan palate to allow more people experience the magic of Nan.


Enjoy the subtle taste of roasted grain and slightly smoky aroma which make this the perfect scooping companion for our Gatherer’s Seaweed butter.

Inspired by the warmth of the desert Sun, the Uzbek Nan comes in a round shape with decorative touches and are often handmade from recipes passed through the generations.


A cherished food staple in Central Asia, bread is broken and shared at the start of every meal as a gesture of friendship, warm welcome and respect. Nan comes in a round shape with a unique dots design, which prevents the centre of a loaf from rising too high, as the holes allow steam to escape when baking in a tandoor oven. The design differs as a signature of every baker, ranging from simple dips in the middle to seed-speckled or punched all over.