At the heart of the Nomads, lies our signature Plov. Made risotto-style, the savoury dish comes in 3 different varieties – topped with A4 wagyu striploin, seafood (prawns, scallops & Ikura) or a vegetarian version. Our version was inspired by the Samarkand version, where unique ingredients of the plov are chickpeas, fragrant spices, and dried fruits like raisins.


Savour plov as the masterpiece of a meal through the Nomads at Home. Enjoy it privately or indulge in the communal meal at the Feast, where plov is eaten from one large dish, placed in the center of the table to share with your close ones.

Plov is a rice dish, heavily influenced by Indian Biryani, Pilaf (Middle East) and Paella (Spain).

It is very hard to track the origins of the dish, due to it taking many different forms in various cultures, in Central Asia, the most traditional way of cooking plov is considered to be the Uzbek way.

The dish is made with lamb and beef, along with rice, carrots, onions, and quail eggs. The dish is cooked in a huge frying cast pan called “kazan.” Cooking method for Uzbek Plov is very strict: first, meat and vegetables are fried in lamb fat, then a layer of washed rice is added. Holes are created in the pot to allow steam to escape. The rice is cooked through fragnant steam of meat and vegetables and thus is very flavourful.