At the Nomads, the Salat is a combination of intricate flavours; grilled pears, seasonal greens, crystalized walnuts doused with cherry vinaigrette and anchovy sauce.

Sweetness of grilled pears combine with the smokey char of seasonal greens for a starter that is light and refreshing.

In Central Asia, a salat (salad) is always present on the table due to the ubiquity of seasonal fruits and vegetables almost all year round exported from the south of Uzbekistan. A salat, however, is never a meal on its own – but more like a palette cleanser between heavier meaty meals. 


Many families grow their own fresh food in their garden, then serving their creations fresh to the table. A wide array of salads includes crunchy salads, warm salads with meat, heavier salads with mayo, fruit salads as a dessert, and many others.