At the Nomads, explore the exquisite form of Samsa in the Lamb Samsa Cone: coffee-dusted Feuille de Brick cones filled with the freshest mottainailamb tartare, nestled in a bed of fragrant Kazakh herbs and spices…


For this staple of the Central Asian cuisine, one has an opportunity to both try the fine interpretation of Samsa at the Nomads, as well as the traditional version at Kafe Samsa – the crunchy puff pastries with different savoury and sweet fillings to choose from.

Samsa is a traditional puff pastry in a shape of a triangle. With various fillings of meat, this exquisite pastry takes its roots from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tatarstan. Very similar to Spanish samosa, Samsa is a street snack loved by people of all ages. It was a very convenient food for real nomads, as it is a nourishing snack that travels well.


The triangular shape of the Samsa represents a union of the body, mind and spirit, foreshadowing the gastronomical euphoria of Central Asian inspired flavours.